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About Me

I remember as a little girl, standing at the stove watching my mother cook. It would fascinate me to watch her as she would move swiftly around the kitchen to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner. As I grew older , baking became a stronger interest. Each Christmas I would out do the previous by inventing new recipes or enhancing old ones. The joy I get out of baking is the outcome of just a few ingredients and the look on everyone's face when they take a bite of my creation. The dessert that I am known best for is my cheesecake. It is a rich and creamy custard-like cheesecake unlike the New York Style everyone is used to. A great self examining moment came to me from a scene in the movie "Sister Act II. Character Sister Mary Clarence, played by Whoopi Goldberg speaks to character Rita Louise Watson played by Lauren Hill about her true calling. The excerpt from the movie: "I went to my mother who gave me this book called Letters To A Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke. He's a fabulous writer. A fellow used to write to him and say: I want to be a writer, please read my stuff. And Rilke says to this guy, don't ask me about being a writer. If when you wake up in the morning you can think of nothing but writing, then you're a writer. I'm gonna say the same thing to you. If you wake up in the morning and you can't think of anything but singing first, then you're supposed to be a singer girl". This is when I knew I was meant to start my own baking business and that the possibilities were endless. On March 20th 2008, finally I suppressed my fears and stepped out on faith and started Pink & Brown. I have expanded my love for baking and will share it with everyone. Pink & Brown will satisfy your heart as well as your stomach. "Always made from the Heart" Monique Feliciano  

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